Payroll is essential in any business in which people are employed to work, this includes freelancers and contractors.

Why us?

Many businesses simply do not have the time and/or knowledge to set up and run their own payroll.
Here at Gold Stag Accounts, we are used to working with large amounts of data and are able to process payroll accurately and reliably.

Aside from processing payroll, Charlotte Eckett, our friendly and dedicated payroll specialist is equipped to handle all PAYE and auto-enrolment related queries and issues.

New Customers

If you are a new customer looking for payroll services we can offer a payroll only package suited to your needs.

Below is a list of prices, please note that directors can be admissible as an employee in our pricing structure.

Single DirectorFrom £15 per month
Additional DirectorsFrom £5 per additional per month
2-5 Employees£20-£50 per month
6-10 Employees£54-£90 per month
11+ EmployeesFrom £99 per month

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